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Common Causes of Poor Nutrition in Seniors

What keeps seniors from getting the nutrients they need? There are more variables than many family caregivers realize. Many are discussed here.
24-Hour Home Care Kenilworth NJ - Common Causes of Poor Nutrition in Seniors
24-Hour Home Care Kenilworth NJ - Common Causes of Poor Nutrition in Seniors

Proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of good health, particularly for aging adults. This can be a big challenge for seniors, however, especially if they face health issues that make it difficult for them to prepare healthy meals on their own. Families need to understand why seniors might not be getting the right nutrition so that they can find solutions to work around that problem. 24-hour home care providers are just one answer, but they can resolve many of these challenges for seniors who need additional help.

Chewing and Swallowing Problems

So many seniors have trouble either chewing or swallowing food properly. This can be for a variety of different reasons ranging from dental problems and missing teeth to issues related to bigger health issues, like a stroke. Seniors may start to avoid certain foods, leaving a gap in their nutritional intake. There might be ways to continue to get those nutrients but in a different way.

Poor Appetite

Diminished appetite is common for older adults. They’re often less physically active than they used to be, but they can also experience health issues that affect appetite. This might mean that when seniors do eat, they’re not necessarily eating a balanced diet or a full meal. 24-hour home care providers can help them to have healthy options available all day long.

Food Doesn’t Seem Appealing

When seniors experience changes in their senses of taste and smell, food just isn’t as interesting as it might have once been. That can lead to decreased eating, which also decreases seniors’ nutrients. Finding ways to make food more appealing can help a lot with this issue.

It’s Too Much Effort to Eat

For some seniors, it’s just too much effort to prepare food or to eat it. That means that they’re not getting the calories or the nutrition they need, and that can lead to even greater difficulties in doing the things they need to do. Having help from 24-hour home care providers to prepare meals and to ensure that there are plenty of healthy choices available can make a difference.

Eating Alone Is Painful

Often seniors are living alone, causing them to do virtually everything completely alone. When eating alone is painful or difficult, seniors may start to avoid eating altogether. This isn’t sustainable and it’s a situation that is avoidable. Having caregivers available around the clock ensures that seniors have company when they’re sitting down for a meal or a snack.

24-Hour Home Care Kenilworth NJ - Common Causes of Poor Nutrition in Seniors
24-Hour Home Care Kenilworth NJ – Common Causes of Poor Nutrition in Seniors

Medication Side Effects Make Eating a Problem

Managing health issues properly often means taking medications and those usually have at least one or two side effects. More medications mean more possibilities for side effects to increase and for medications to pose even bigger issues. Finding solutions around those issues is something that home care providers can help seniors to do.

Addressing the underlying causes of eating issues and poor nutrition is crucial if seniors are going to continue to be as healthy as possible. 24-hour home care services can help families understand what is going on and find solutions to address those issues.

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