Transition from Hospital to Home

As a family owned and operated organization, we treat our customers and caregivers as an extension of our family.  We offer our clientele the opportunity to speak with a highly trained individual 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in regards to the many aspects of the care we provide. Through our 20 years of experience in helping many families with a wide variety of needs, we know that our services are not only for the person receiving the assistance but also so their loved ones can have the peace of mind of knowing that our quality caregivers are providing reliable and amenable services while taking a proactive approach to our customers care.  

Hospital to Home Services by Helping Hands Homecare

Returning home after a hospital stay can be challenging for seniors who still require medical oversight or hands-on assistance. Helping Hands Homecare’s hospital to home services provide customized support during this transition to simplify life and promote recovery. Our compassionate team collaborates closely with families and healthcare providers so clients can heal comfortably surrounded by familiar faces and surroundings.

What are Hospital to Home Transition Services?

Hospital to home transition services help seniors gracefully move from a hospital setting back into their own homes while receiving continued care and support. Services include:

  • Arranging in-home nursing care and therapy
  • Providing caregivers for activities of daily living
  • Setting up medical equipment and supplies in the home
  • Managing medications and post-discharge instructions
  • Transportation to follow-up appointments
  • Ongoing care coordination and health monitoring
  • Emotional support during the adjustment

The goal is to ensure seniors return home to a safe, enabling environment where they can continue healing with proper clinical oversight and assistance tailored to their needs.

How Transition Services Support Seniors

Hospital to home transition services benefit seniors by:

Providing Caregiver Assistance

  • With personal care, medications, transportation and meals
  • Allows seniors to focus fully on healing

Offering Emotional Support

  • Provides reassurance and helps ease anxiety
  • Ensures seniors don’t feel alone or overwhelmed

Coordinating Ongoing Care

  • Collaborates with healthcare team on needed services
  • Manages medications, equipment deliveries and use

Enhancing Recovery

  • Familiar home setting aids recuperation
  • Personalized care plan matches needs and abilities

Simplifying Logistics

  • Handles paperwork, insurance, appointments
  • Troubleshoots issues to prevent setbacks

With professional guidance, the transition home after hospitalization can be smooth, successful and even rehabilitating.

We offer our clientele the opportunity to speak with a highly trained individual 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in regards to the many aspects of the care we provide.

Providing Hospital to Home Transition throughout Northern and Central New Jersey, including Clark, Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Rahway, Linden, Summit, Edison, Elizabeth, Mountainside, Short Hills, Millburn, New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Kenilworth, Chatham, Madison, Metuchen and surrounding areas.

Hospital to Home Transition in Clark, NJ by Helping Hands Homecare, Inc.

Preparing for a Smooth Hospital Discharge

To transition home successfully after a hospital stay, it’s important to plan ahead and take steps while still admitted to make sure all bases are covered, including:

Understanding Discharge Instructions

  • Medications, dosages, potential side effects
  • Incision care, treatment protocols, activity restrictions
  • Follow-up appointment schedule with specialists

Arranging Medical Equipment

  • Hospital bed, walker, wheelchair, commode, etc.
  • Supplies like bandages, dressing materials, oxygen
  • Staff will instruct on proper use

Confirming Caregiver Support

  • Family members, friends, or hired caregivers to assist at home
  • Helping with transportation, meals, personal care, household chores

Providing Payment Information

  • Health insurance, prescription coverage, eligibility for financial assistance
  • Needed to coordinate in-home nursing, therapy services after discharge

Thorough discharge planning and coordination ensures seamless care transition.

Over the past two decades, Helping Hands Homecare has become synonymous with quality care and unparalleled dedication. 

24-Hour Home Care in Clark, NJ by Helping Hands Homecare, Inc.

Promoting Wellbeing During the Transition

Helping Hands Homecare aims to make the transition home after hospitalization as smooth and successful as possible. Our services focus on enabling seniors to:

Regain Independence

  • With caregiver assistance, overcome injury/illness limitations

Receive Specialized Care

  • Services tailored to health conditions and recovery needs

Feel Confident & Comfortable

  • Offer emotional reassurance throughout changes

Remain Engaged

  • Encourage social visits, activities matched to abilities

Enjoy Familiar Surroundings

  • Recover in the comfort of home versus clinical settings

Our caregivers become trusted partners in seniors’ path to wellness after hospitalization. Please reach out to learn more.

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

Benefits of Home Care Services After Hospitalization

Selecting home care after being in the hospital offers many advantages over extended facility-based care. Benefits include:

More Affordable

  • Lower out-of-pocket costs than institutional care

Faster Recovery

  • Healing in familiar, comfortable surroundings

Independence & Autonomy

  • More control over treatments and daily schedule

Personalized Care

  • Customized care plan based on needs and preferences

Prevents Readmissions

  • Caregivers help avoid complications requiring rehospitalization

With the right support at home, most seniors can continue recovering successfully without requiring inpatient rehabilitation or care.

Starting Services with Helping Hands Homecare

How can you initiate hospital to home transition services through Helping Hands Homecare? We make the process straightforward so you can focus on recovering.

  1. Call us to discuss your situation and needs coming out of the hospital. We’ll explain how our transitional care works.
  1. Provide details on your medical status, limitations, medications and follow-up care requirements so we can best support you.
  1. Care plan creation – Our nurse will visit and collaborate with you and your family to design a tailored care plan outlining the recommended services, equipment, schedule and caregivers to optimize your healing.
  1. Initiate services – We’ll arrange all agreed upon medical and non-medical home care services to provide a seamless transition home and promote continued progress.
  1. Ongoing communication – You’ll have direct access to our team every step of the way to convey any changing needs or questions. We’ll keep your healthcare providers looped in on your status.

Please call Helping Hands Homecare today for a free consultation to discuss your transitional care options. Our friendly staff is ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital to Home Services

We can arrange nursing care, therapy, personal care, housekeeping, transportation, medication management and other services to facilitate a smooth transition home based on needs.

The duration depends on each client’s recovery progress. Many utilize services for a few weeks up to a couple months post-hospitalization. We can extend or reduce service timelines as needed.

We coordinate with hospital discharge planners prior to release so services can begin immediately upon returning home for a seamless transition.

Ideally 2-3 days prior to being discharged from the hospital so we can get the process started. But you can call us anytime 24/7!

Helping Hands Homecare is here to support your recovery journey. Please contact us to learn more about our hospital to home transitional care services.

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