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Can a Mystery Movie Night Really Improve Your Senior Parent’s Emotional Wellness?


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When it comes to caring for aging adults in our society, so much concentration is focused on their physical well-being. Understandably – if they have a medical condition, it’s important that they Elder-Care-in-Elizabeth-NJ adhere to any treatment plans prescribed by their health care professionals. Exercise is also very important, so there’s a focus on making sure they’re up and active enough to keep their muscles limber and their bones strong. They have to stick to diet plans that have been created with their optimal health in mind. There are so many important things that they have to do, it’s easy to overlook one critical, yet necessary ingredient in your loved one’s overall health. Fun! Your senior parent still needs to have fun. And there are ways they can have fun that would be enjoyable for them, yet still add positives to their elder care.


If your parent loves to watch mysteries, a fun way for them to do this is by hosting a mystery movie night in your home.


Why are mysteries so great for your senior parent?

Most television shows don’t require much from the viewer. All the viewer has to do is sit down and watch. But mysteries are an entirely different breed of televised entertainment. When you’re watching a mystery, your brain is engaged because you want to figure out who “did it” before the detectives on the show. While your mom or dad is watching, they’re remembering who the different characters are, how they’re related to the mystery, and determining what their motive could be. In short, your parent is using their brain while they watch. They’re working their cognitive skills; their memory, logic and reasoning, and visual processing. Watching mysteries are great for your parent’s mental health.


How to Host a Mystery Movie Night

Talk with your loved one about what mystery they’d like to watch. There are movies, but the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel also has some great options. Once a movie or television show is decided on, help them decide who to invite. Then the fun starts, pick a theme for your event. If you’re serving dinner or snacks, the food can be chosen based on the theme. Everyone can even come dressed as their favorite sleuth.


Ensuring your loved one’s emotional health can be fun. Overseeing their elder care can have spots of whimsy. With a little planning, you and your parent can host a fantastic mystery movie night. And who knows, maybe yours will be so popular that others will decide to host their own.


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