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Common Upgrades Needed For Safety in a Senior’s Home

Remember that each senior's needs are different, so it's essential to consider their specific needs and preferences when making upgrades to make a safe and comfortable place to live.
Home Care Assistance Edison NJ - Common Upgrades Needed For Safety in a Senior's Home
Home Care Assistance Edison NJ - Common Upgrades Needed For Safety in a Senior's Home

To help seniors stay healthy and independent, giving them a safe and comfortable place to live is essential. And to do that – it takes a supportive team of home care assistance aides and loved ones, starting with a reasonable assessment of the home.

Consider the following steps when determining what upgrades should be done to seniors’ homes.

Home Care Assistance Edison NJ – Common Upgrades Needed For Safety in a Senior’s Home

Measures to prevent falls: Seniors are at a high risk of falling, so it’s important to reduce possible dangers. Install handrails on stairs and bathrooms, ensure the floors don’t slip, and remove any loose rugs or other things that could trip someone up. It’s also important that the whole house has enough light, like nightlights in the halls and bathrooms.

Bathroom changes: For seniors, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. Installing grab bars near the toilet and in the shower or bathroom can help them stay steady and support them. Loved ones can put non-slip mats or sticky strips in the shower or bathroom to prevent slipping.

Accessibility: Make sure the home is accessible for seniors with mobility issues. In evaluating mobility, the senior home care team can work with loved ones, the medical team, and seniors to make changes, such as putting in a ram, widening doorways and halls, and more.

Safety in the kitchen: The kitchen should have easy-to-use machines and tools, as well as countertops or tables that can be lowered or raised when needed. Home care assistance aides often assist with advice in these matters and can be a significant help when seniors need it.

Security measures: Add a video doorbell, a peephole, and a security device to the home to help seniors feel safe and see who is at their door.

Emergency response system: Buy a system that allows seniors to quickly call for help if they need it. Most of the time, these tools are either things seniors wear or things loved ones can install in the home.

Medical alert band or necklace: There are many technological advancements that seniors can wear directly, connecting them to the assistance they need in an emergency.

Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors: Ensure seniors know how to use a fire extinguisher and devise a plan for getting out in case of a fire. In turn, talk with the senior home care team about specialized smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for those with hearing loss.

Temperature control: Ensure the temperature in the senior’s home is safe and comfortable. Installing a controlled thermostat can help them heat and cool their homes more efficiently.

Regular maintenance: Loved ones should keep up with home maintenance to quickly fix any possible safety hazards. This means checking for loose handrails, improving floors that aren’t level, and ensuring all tools work well.

Non-slip shoes: Seniors are less likely to fall if they wear comfortable, non-slip shoes inside and outside the house.

The home care assistance support team should discuss consistently with seniors to ensure they get what they need.


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