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Home Care Assistance: How Does Home Care Assistance Help Your Mom Stay in Her Home?

Home Care Assistance: Your mom wants to remain in her home. She's adamant that moving to your home is not acceptable, you may want to consider home care assistance.
Home Care Service: Home Care Assistance
Home Care Service: Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance: Your mom wants to remain in her home.

She’s adamant that moving to your home is not acceptable. While you want to make her happy, you worry about her safety and well-being. Instead of pushing her into a move that may make her miserable, consider home care assistance.

The goal of home care assistance is to help older adults stay in their homes. With your mom’s goals of aging at home, she’d have a helping hand assisting her with daily activities. There’s just enough help to remain independent without making your mom feel that she’s lost her freedom.


Home Care Service: Home Care Assistance


What Are Some of the Most Popular Home Care Services?

The goal of a caregiver is to help your mom stay independent at home. As she ages, she’s running into issues where some of her usual activities are challenging her. She used to find the stairs to and from the basement laundry room easy to climb, but her arthritic knees make it difficult.

It could be that her vision has worsened, making it unsafe for her to drive to the grocery store, her doctor’s office, or her friend’s house. She takes medications that make her lightheaded or nauseous, and that increases her fall risk. Many other situations arise that require her to have a helping hand.

With all of those issues, home care assistance services help her age at home. She can have a caregiver clean her house and do her laundry. If she needs someone to cook her meals and do the dishes after, it’s another popular service for older adults aging at home.

Some home care services cover activities of daily living. If your mom needs help getting out of bed, that’s an option. If she has to have someone help her shower, get her dressed, or assist her with trips to the toilet, those are also possibilities.

It’s also an option to have companionship services. Your mom doesn’t have to hire caregivers to help with household chores. She can have caregivers stop by simply to check on her and provide friendship.


How Do You Schedule Services?

How do you arrange home care assistance services? Start by picking up the phone and asking to talk to a home care specialist. Go over your mom’s care needs, her budget, and her location. You’ll get answers to questions about prices, services that match her needs and create a caregiver schedule.

Don’t worry about her care needs changing. Home care assistance services are easy to change if her needs change. With regular visits from caregivers, you have peace of mind that she’s safe while aging in her home.


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