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Four Ways to Keep Your Senior’s Brain and Body Going Strong

Home Care in Summit NJ: Your elderly family member’s brain and body need some extra help to keep doing what she wants them to do.
Home Care in Summit NJ: Senior Care Tips
Home Care in Summit NJ: Senior Care Tips

As your elderly family member grows older, she’s bound to notice that her brain and her body have different needs than they did in the past. Adjusting to those needs properly might mean that your senior is making both big and small changes that allow her to improve her health and her overall well-being.


Home Care in Summit NJ: Senior Care Tips
Home Care in Summit NJ: Senior Care Tips


Moving Her Body Helps Her Brain

There’s a lot of evidence that exercise helps brain power, no matter how old someone is. So, if your elderly family member is willing to get moving just a little, she can experience some great results. Make sure that her doctor is aware that she’s going to start exercising so that your elderly family member can get some feedback about what types of exercise she needs to be doing.

Sleep and Even Rest Recharge Your Senior

But it’s not all about moving and getting the blood flowing. Your elderly family member also needs rest and sleep in order to rest her brain and body and recharge them both. The amount of rest she needs might change over time, but sleep is still important. It may also be a good idea to consider hiring elder care providers to tackle certain tasks for your senior. That can help her to feel as if she can rest when she needs to do so.

The Right Fuel Makes a Difference

Fueling your senior’s body properly makes a big difference, too. Foods that are high in nutrients give her body and her brain what your senior needs in order to keep running at full capacity. If you’re not sure whether your senior is eating as well as she should be, talk to your aging family member’s doctor about what changes she should consider making.

New Challenges Yield Great Results

Challenges that keep things fresh and that get your senior’s brain engaged can be hugely beneficial to her. Even physical changes can yield results for both the brain and body. Taking new classes, trying a new exercise, and other new tasks can all be both fun and engaging. It’s important to keep things lighter and more fun for your elderly family member.

Talk to your senior about what else she needs and wants in order to keep herself going strong. There may be other activities that she finds personally helpful. Discussing those options and finding ways to integrate her ideas gives her a measure of control in this whole process.


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