Kitchen Safety Tips For Seniors

Elder Care Scotch Plains NJ - Kitchen Safety Tips For Seniors

As seniors get older making meals and cleaning up in the kitchen can become hazardous. Here are some things that seniors can do to stay safe in the kitchen.

Protecting Your Elderly Loved One from Falls in Winter Weather

Home Care in Westfield NJ: Preventing Winter Weather Falls

Falls are a very serious risk for elderly adults. Each year approximately 30% of all adults over the age of 60 will experience a fall, and hospitalizations among these adults associated with falls are twice as long as those associated with any other reason for admission. A senior who experiences a fall can sustain injuries […]

How Do You Convince Your Mom That She’s Unsafe at Home?

Home Care in Mountainside NJ: Convincing Mom She's Unsafe at Home

You are certain your mom is not safe at home. She argues with you and refuses to admit she needs help. How can you convince her that home care services can help her out without eliminating her independence? Track Incidents That Concern You. Your mom won’t like hearing it, but keep a list of things […]

Tips for Protecting Your Parent from Phone-Based Scams

Home Care in Elizabeth NJ: Protecting Your Parent from Phone Based Scams

Phone-based scams are some of the most common forms of fraud, especially when it comes to victimizing elderly adults. Seniors tend to be at the highest risk for being victims of fraud, and they may be particularly vulnerable to these types of scams. This is true because elderly adults are more likely to be trusting […]

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