What May Cause Sundowning in Your Aging Parent?

Sundowning impacts approximately 20% of those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Considered one of the top sleep disturbances that can develop in Alzheimer’s disease, sundowning is a condition characterized by anxiety, confusion, and restlessness that sets in as the day comes to a close. This can result in your parent being upset, and even […]

What to Expect from Dad’s Cardiac Rehab

Home Care in Edison NJ: Cardiac Rehab

When a person has a heart attack or undergoes a heart procedure, such as angioplasty or heart surgery, the doctor often recommends cardiac rehab. Cardiac rehab is important for recovery, but your parent may be unsure of what to expect and that could leave them feeling anxious. Knowing what to expect during cardiac rehab can […]

How to Learn Your Limits as a Family Caregiver


Home Care in Edison NJ Most people don’t think about exploring their own limits as they go through their normal activities. But if you’re a family caregiver, knowing your own limits and boundaries helps you to get the care your elderly loved one needs when she needs it. Track Your Time It’s entirely possible that […]

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