Study Finds U.S. is Behind Other Countries on Caring for the Elderly

Elder Care in Elizabeth NJ: Caring for the Elderly

The Commonwealth Fund looked at health care in several countries and found that the U.S. falls behind when it comes to primary care, over-prescribing medications, and managing chronic illness. This study found that care for age-related conditions and disabilities were stressing a system that’s already in need of improvement. Understanding the Study’s Goals. In all, […]

Can a Mystery Movie Night Really Improve Your Senior Parent’s Emotional Wellness?


Elder Care in Elizabeth NJ When it comes to caring for aging adults in our society, so much concentration is focused on their physical well-being. Understandably – if they have a medical condition, it’s important that they adhere to any treatment plans prescribed by their health care professionals. Exercise is also very important, so there’s […]

Wearable Healthcare Technology to Improve Elder Care


Elder Care in Elizabeth NJ There is a revolution happening in elder care and it is going to change the dynamics of in-home care forever. It all started with the simplest of concepts that created an emergency assistance device with a button used to call for help. Few can forget the elderly woman shown on […]

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