New Books for Caregivers

Home Health Care in Summit NJ: New Books for Caregivers

Home Health Care in Summit NJ: One of the things that caregivers can do to improve their skills is to read books about the caregiving experience.

Is Your Mom Eating Too Much Sodium? Why It Matters

Home Care Services in Summit NJ: Senior Sodium Intake

Home Care Services in Summit NJ: Sodium is in so many things. It is found naturally in many types of meat, fruits, and vegetables. At the same time, you have the table salt that’s added to the meals you eat.

What about Your Social Life?

Have you given much thought to your own social life? You probably worry about your senior’s social involvement, but yours is just as important. Check Yourself for Signs of Isolation. Isolation is something that can sneak up on you without you realizing it. Sit down and think back to the last time you went out […]

Why Should You Donate Blood with Your Senior?

Caregiver in Summit NJ: Donating Blood with your Senior

Approximately 21 million components of blood are transfused each year. Every day more than 36,000 units of red blood cells are used. Every two seconds throughout the United States, someone is in need of blood. These statistics can be sobering and they illustrate the extreme importance of donating blood. There is no way to manufacture […]

Protecting Your Loved One from Online Shopping Scams


Caregiver in Summit NJ Experts say that shoppers will spend approximately 91 billion dollars doing online shopping during the 61 official shopping days this holiday season. Online shopping is a fantastic way to streamline holiday shopping, find unique items that you might not be able to find other places, and encourage elderly adults who may […]

What is Pulmonary Embolism?

Caregivers in Summit NJ

Caregivers in Summit NJ The month of March is recognized as Deep Vein Thrombosis Month, a time for seniors and their caregivers to learn more about this serious health condition and spread awareness about its prevention and how to spot the signs and symptoms. Deep vein thrombosis (or DVT) is a blood clot that forms […]

New C.A.R.E. Laws Enacted to Help Family Caregivers

Caregiver in Summit NJ

Caregiver in Summit NJ Caregiving is a twenty-four hour non-stop job. Family members risk “burn out” when they try to provide all the in-home care by themselves. Many report that when they use the help from professional caregivers to give themselves a break, it rejuvenates their enthusiasm for continuing to give care. Most benefit from […]

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